terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions of Boarding

All cats must be inoculated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. We will only accept an animal with a current vaccination card. It may be possible to provide isolation accommodation for any pets whose vaccination has been carried out less than 14 days prior to arrival, subject to availability.

A member of staff must be informed if your pet is currently suffering from any ailment or has suffered any ailment during the last twelve months or since your last visit to Greenacres (e.g. runny eyes or diarrhoea. Please check your pet for fleas prior to his/her arrival at Greenacres.

We will endeavour to provide your cat with accommodation in our new, purpose built accommodation, subject to availability. If this is, or may not be possible, you will be informed at the time of booking that your cat will be accommodated in one of our alternative indoor pens.

Boarding fees are as stated at the time of booking. We will honour this price should our fees have risen between the time of booking and boarding.

Fees will be charged, in full, from the dates given at the time of booking, unless at least 24 hours notice of a change to your requirements is given. As you will appreciate, once we have taken your booking we must hold the accommodation for you for the dates specified.

All bedding and personal possessions you chose to bring with your pet must be clearly marked with your name. We cannot be held responsible for bedding, etc. that is not marked. We will not accept any bedding that cannot be placed in a washing machine, e.g. bean bags, nor can we accept toys that could prove a health risk to your pet.

Our optional pet plan insurance is available at an additional fee, per cat, per night. If you have your own cover you will not need this. Please ask for further details and current prices.

No dogs to be brought onto the Cattery site as this causes distress to some cats.

All accounts to be paid in full upon collection.

For long stay arrangements we require payment monthly, in advance.

all vaccination cards must show your current home address and vetinary details. Details of a family contact should also be provided if you will be travelling outside the UK.

Do not touch any other pets other than your own. Children must be kept under strict control at all times whilst at Greenacres.